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1 Peugeot City Car low price review 2021

Overview 2021 Peugeot 108 for City Car

The second generation of Peugeot s tie-up with Citroen and Toyota to build a cost-effective city car. Once again the division of responsibilities means that Toyota has been responsible for much of the engineering, while the PSA Group (Peugeot Citroen) has been in charge of applying thumbscrews to the suppliers to help reduce costs. Prices start at 8,495, which suggests PSA has been pretty good at its job.

Each of the triumvirate now has a stronger visual identity, helping to separate the cars from each other. Toyota has clearly gone for the youth vote, the Citroen looks like Hello Kitty, while Peugeot has done a reasonable job of tying the 108 into the rest of the range. Can t see it appealing to a younger audience much, though. Engine wise, Toyota s 1.0 triple has been carried over largely unchanged, but the French wing has added its own 1.2 three cylinder to the mix as well.

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1 Peugeot City Car low price review 2021

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3 Peugeot City Car review car 2021


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5 Peugeot City Car 2021 review car

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On the whole the 108 drives very well indeed. It does everything you expect it to do and generally does it with a bit of panache thrown in. This is mainly down to the fact it rides well and is comfortable and reasonably well insulated.

In terms of pure dynamics it will hold its own on whatever sort of road you choose to drive it. No, it s not a thriller and the steering leaves a bit to be desired, but the biggest drawback is perhaps the drivetrain. The 1.0-litre engine is a sweetie, but is saddled with ridiculously long gearing which makes third feel like fifth. The 1.2 isn t quite so nice to use and has a mushy gearchange. Overall we d have the 1.0-litre and be prepared to rev it hard.

On The Inside

We were told by a Peugeot insider that the rear seats in the original 108/C1/Aygo were rarely used, so they concentrated on improving boot space. It shows. Rear legroom is properly tight, but the additional boot space is very welcome. The driving environment is simple, but be warned, the much-vaunted touch screen system isn t as responsive as your phone and the plastics are cheap and scratchy.


Do yourself a favour and don t spec yours up too much. Despite the chrome grille and fair stab at elegance, this is a cheap car, so buy a cheap version. Maybe add on the rev counter. But some of the other optional trinkets really are a step too far on a car like this oh, and we d certainly avoid the so-called 108 TOP! cabrio as it s not a cabrio at all, just a 108 with a big fabric sunroof. More generally, it ll cost peanuts to run thanks to excellent fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of 88g/km, pretty fair residuals and cheap insurance.

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