Infiniti M35h hybrid (2011) long-term test review

View all Infiniti Q70 Reviews Bidding farewell to the Infiniti M35h – 18 July 2012 Even after 14,575 miles, many of them gliding silently on a waft of electric torque, enough Toys to guarantee an R Us appendage and one Guinness World Record, I’m afraid most of the CAR team fail to warm to Infiniti’s M35h. Sorry to disappoint you …

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Infiniti G37S Coupe (2010) long-term test review

View all Infiniti Q60 Reviews Goodbye Infiniti G37S Coupe – 10 June 2011 There was a real sense of loss as I watched the G Coupé being trailered away this month. It was a car that endeared itself with every passing mile, one brimful of character and confidence. It was an unusual day if I wasn’t asked about the Infiniti …

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