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Aston Martin DB9 (2014) long-term test review

View all Aston Martin DB9 Reviews Month 10 a year in an Aston Martin DB9: the end of the love affair Who can remember what they did last summer? For most of us it’s a haze of half-recalled snippets, of faded holiday moments, of barbecue parties that might equally have been in early June or late August. But here at CAR …

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Aston Martin Valkyrie (2023) review: a new legend

By Jeremy Taylor View all Aston Martin Reviews ► Finally! It’s time to drive Aston’s hypercar► Valkyrie develops 1139bhp; can do 220mph► Is it really an F1 car for the road? ‘In 20 years or so, people will look back on this car and say we were mad to build it. That’s why the Valkyrie is so amazing – because we …

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