Car Review

Toyota RAV4

The RAV4’s first generation, especially as a three-door, was pioneering and not unfunky. Then things went downhill. The outgoing fourth-gen car, which sold mostly as a hybrid, was a visual assault and a dynamic misery. Yet that RAV4 generation has been the world’s best-selling SUV, and its fourth best-selling car …

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Suzuki Swift

It’s the all-new Suzuki Swift MkIV and this is very good news if you’re a regular follower of Top Gear, because the Swift Sport has always been one of our favourite everyday performance champions. No Sport to tell you about yet, sadly (although after a bit of gentle torture a …

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3 BMW X3 M review car 2021

A very late arrival to a party BMW should have been hosting. Way back in 1998, the X5 was one of the very first schport-premium 4×4 SUVs on the scene. Then BMW saw the downsize trend coming way ahead of Mercedes and Porsche, and delivered the X3 – years before …

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BMW 8 Series Convertible

4 BMW 8 Series Convertible new cars 2021

It’s a sports car, honest. Not our words, m’lud, the words of BMW. That’s what they insist the new 8 Series Convertible is. Despite the evidence to the contrary (the size, the weight, the back seats and so on) this is supposed to blur the lines between GT and sports …

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Smart Fortwo Review 2021

6 Smart Fortwo low price review 2022

Smart Fortwo Review 2021 The best place for electric power is a city. The best city car is a tiny one. That s the prima facie case for the electric Smart Fortwo. It s not like Smart didn t see this coming. When Mercedes and Swatch buddied up and produced …

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New Review 2021 Citroen C1

2 Citroen C1 best deal price car 2021

New Review 2021 Citroen C1 Remember when the Citroen C1 first launched in the mid-2000s? Alongside the Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo which used the same parts but each looked a little different it heralded a slightly new piece of thinking in small cars. There were deliberate touches to make …

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The New 2021 Kia Picanto Review

3 KIA Picanto review car 2021

Overview Despite its spicy sounding name, the Kia Picanto started life in 2004 as a fairly bland looking albeit cheaply priced and decently equipped city car. The second version in 2011 took full advantage of the Korean brand s design awakening, famed German scribbler Peter Schreyer (he designed the original …

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Review 2022 Peugeot 108 City Car

1 Peugeot City Car low price review 2021

Overview 2021 Peugeot 108 for City Car The second generation of Peugeot s tie-up with Citroen and Toyota to build a cost-effective city car. Once again the division of responsibilities means that Toyota has been responsible for much of the engineering, while the PSA Group (Peugeot Citroen) has been in …

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New Review Aygo 2021

01 Toyota Aygo low price review 2021

Toyota has rediscovered its verve in recent years. A point proven no better than by the GR Yaris, a genuine 10/10 hot hatchback that couldn t be much further in spirit from the actually-quite-good-too Yaris Hybrid. So where does that leave the little Aygo, once the doyen of the city …

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2021 Top Review Mazda 6

mazda 3

Overview The Mazda 6 is Mazda s handsome, commodious, sharp-driving rep-mobile, really. And that s the problem. Biggish saloons/estates without German badges just aren t in demand now they ve been squeezed out by crossovers, more affordable SUVs and the pesky Germans themselves undercutting the masses. Ford used to sell …

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