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A finance writer with a background in accounting. He enjoys writing about personal finance, investing, and business news. He has written for various financial blogs and websites and is skilled in explaining complex financial concepts in simple terms.

Best cars for dog owners 2023 UK: our pick of new cars for carrying pets

► The best cars for dogs owners… ► … and cats and other furry friends ► CAR’s guide to pet-friendly vehicles Amid the unremitting hype around Aston Martin’s new DBX, you probably overlooked one detail. The DBX is offered with a Pet Pack, including a boot partition, bumper protector and – yes, really – potable dog washer. Arguably the aroma of soggy …

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Best super-saloons 2020: BMW M5 vs Audi RS6 vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S vs Porsche Panamera Turbo ST group test review

View all BMW 5-Series Reviews ► M5 vs performance execs► AWD is now the way to go► Which is best? Benz might claim to have invented the modern supersaloon with its mighty SEL 6.9 back in the mid-’70s, but it was the BMW M5 that perfected the art a decade later. And for over 30 years the recipe has remained …

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370Z vs M240i vs F-Type vs Camaro: old-school face-off

View all BMW 2-Series Reviews ► Old-school coupes face off► Front-engined and rear-driven► Which is the best one? Hybrid? Self-driving? Nope. While the rest of the world powers ahead at full steam, we revel in these ravishing, rear-drive, petrol-guzzling coupes. A face only a mother could love? Nissan 370ZHardly; it’s growing old gracefully. The Z’s a modern performance car icon …

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Best estate cars 2023 UK: the top family wagons on sale

View all BMW 5-Series Reviews ► Which estate car is the best to buy?► Here’s our top 10► Something for all needs and all budgets In the UK they’re known as estate cars, but they’ve plenty of other names worldwide. In the US, they’d be station wagons – in Germany, Kombinationskraftwagen (or ‘Kombi’) for short, which we like because it …

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V12 twin-test: Aventador SVJ vs 812 Superfast

► Lamborghini vs Ferrari► Front-engined vs mid-engined► Aventador SVJ vs 812 Superfast This is it. This is the most exciting drive possible. Nothing can match this, or so I decide after an insane 20-minute stint in the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. And then something does match it: the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Although in many ways very different, the Ferrari is every …

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