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‘Kaiketsu Zorori’ Anime’s Musical Film Out in December

‘Kaiketsu Zorori’ Anime’s Musical Film Out in December

Kaiketsu Zorori is a classic kodomo that has enchanted people of many generations with its protagonist, Zorori.

Despite being a fox, Zorori is far from acting like one. His mischievous schemes often end up helping his victims, adding a hilariously ironic factor to the show.

The anime series has been going on since 2004, with the latest season 3 streaming right now. Season 3 brought us more of our favorite content and the franchise’s first anime film in five years.

Kaiketsu Zorori franchise’s upcoming anime film ‘Kaiketsu Zorori: Lalala♪ Star Tanjō’ has been scheduled for opening on December 9, 2022, with a teaser.

『映画かいけつゾロリ ラララ♪スターたんじょう』特報【2022年12月9日公開】

“Movie Kaiketsu Zorori Lalala ♪ Star Tanjo” Special News [Released on December 9, 2022]

Starting with the hero in the spotlight, the teaser features Zorori helping struggling singer Hippopo. The story follows the cunning yet kind-hearted fox and his minions, Ishishi and Noshishi, acting as agents to help Hippopo achieve stardom.

While dealing with various troubles, Zorori manages to get people’s attention on Hippopo and make her popular among the masses. Also, since Zorori is involved, you bet there will be a lot of chaos, and the trailer depicts it accurately.

The teaser also revealed Hippopo’s voice actor, Erika Ikuta. This film will be Erika’s big break in the anime industry as the popular singer has mostly done live-action and theater productions.

Moreover, the franchise has also unveiled a superb visual featuring the main characters performing at a concert.

Let’s go to a life-changing stage

“Movie #Kaiketsu Zorori Lalala Star Tanjo”

Adventure ✖︎ Music Entertainment,

Opening! ️ Released on December 9 (Friday)

♪ Voice appearance: #Koichi Yamadera #Rikako Aikawa #Motoko Kumai #Yuki Kaji and others

♪ Special appearance: #Erika Ikuta

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The film’s global premiere isn’t confirmed yet, but I’m hoping it will be within a month or two of the Japanese release.

This year is a big treat for all Zorori fans, with an ongoing season and a movie coming out in December.

About Kaiketsu Zorori: Lalala Star Tanjō

Kaiketsu Zorori: Lalala♪ Star Tanjō (Kaiketsu Zorori: La La La♪ A Star is Born) is an upcoming anime film from the Kaiketsu Zorori franchise. It is scheduled to come out on December 9, 2022.

The story follows Zorori and the twin boars, Ishishi and Noshishi, acting as agents and producers in the entertainment industry. This time, Zorori and the boars are helping a struggling singer Hippopo achieve stardom.

Source: Kaiketsu Zorori: Lalala Star Tanjō Anime’s Official Website

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