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CM Radio - Nov. 9, 2016 - David Usher, Alexis Normand & More

David Usher, Alexis Normand & More

Show notes

While many know him best for fronting Moist and his successful solo career, David Usher does much more than music. He’s a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and currently runs Concordia University’s Human Impact Lab ( His latest project, though, is a solo album called Let It Play that finds him not only covering some of his favourite Francophone artists; he actually reworks the songs in English while also offering a fresh take of his hit “Black Black Heart” en Francais. He talks about what first initiated the unique project, how his work in other creative streams affects his songwriting, and more. And keeping with the Francophone theme, we speak with bilingual troubadour Alexis Normand. In addition to being one quarter of quirky and quaint throwback act Rosie & the Riveters, she’s about to drop her second French language solo album. We speak with the Regina-based artist about her quest to break into the French Canadian market with the latest release and more.



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