UK Govt Demands Action On Loot Boxes

UK Govt Demands Action On Loot Boxes

Uk Govt Demands Action On Loot Boxes

The UK government has warned the games industry to do something about how it handles the issues of loot boxes, or face serious consequences.

In a press release, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has found links between loot boxes and “gambling, mental health, financial and problem gaming-related” harms.

The study found the risk may also be higher for children and young people. As a result, the government has called for the purchase of loot boxes to be made unavailable to children and young people unless approved by a parent or guardian.

They also say they will not hesitate to consider legislation if companies do not bring in sufficient measures to keep players safe. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries says in a statement:

“We want to stop children going on spending sprees online without parental consent, spurred on by in-game purchases like loot boxes. Games companies and platforms need to do more to ensure that controls and age restrictions are applied so that players are protected from the risk of gambling harms. Children should be free to enjoy gaming safely, whilst giving parents and guardians the peace of mind they need.”

No formal action has been taken to tighten restrictions around digital purchases as yet though. The plan is to form a working group comprised of game companies, platforms and regulatory bodies in order to develop “industry-led measures to protect players and reduce the risk of harm”.

Last month, twenty consumer groups from eighteen European countries launched a coordinated action asking authorities to pass regulations on loot boxes.

Source: VGC, NME

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