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Dislyte’s best teams

Dislyte’s best teams

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Dislyte's best teams - Create the right synergy

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Dislyte’s fantasy world harbours different and uniquely stylized characters called Espers which are summoned through the game’s gacha system. Players must form a team of 5 different Espers to battle in different PvP (Player V/S Player) and PvE (Player V/S Environment) game modes. Today, we are going to present you with the best teams in Dislyte that you can use to create different combinations of Espers.


Dislyte has some core strategic team-building aspects to remember. Having a deep understanding of them will help players compete and rank higher in the PvP content. For starters, let’s understand the 4 basic elements present in Dislyte:

  • Sonic Element -> Stronger against Inferno element and weak against Wind element.
  • Wind Element -> Stronger against Sonic element and weak against Inferno element.
  • Inferno Element -> Stronger against Wind element and weak against Sonic element.
  • Shimmer Element -> Neutral against all elements

Now, these elements play a large part in deciding the Espers that are going to be part of a team. For example, if we are building a team for Sonic Miracle, we will need to pick Espers that are primarily Wind elementals. Wind elemental Espers are chosen in the teams as they survive longer by taking less damage from enemies while they will deal more damage back. Apart from taking the stronger element, the next consideration for choosing the Espers in the team is the specific roles that are assigned to them. Here are the primary roles that are associated with every esper:

  • DPS/Attacker – These Espers excel in dealing tons of damage to enemies. Players need to choose them in teams to accelerate their damage in battles. However, they do come with a cost – making your teams less bulky and making them susceptible to a faster death.
  • Support/Buffers – These Espers excel in providing support to your allied Espers by healing them, providing them with useful buffs, or by disabling enemies by debuffing them heavily. Many of these Espers can even double down as tanks for the team if they are built right.
  • Tanks – These Espers excel at absorbing incoming damage. They have a huge HP pool and high base defenses to soak up damage from all types of enemies. Tanks are essential in team compositions as they reduce the burden on your squishy DPS and Support Espers. Some of the tanks are also good at providing support to the team.


A perfect team composition does not exist in Dislyte due to the constant balance adjustments being made to Espers as well as different mechanics associated with different content in the game. However, in general, a good team composition consists of the following roles:

  • 2 x DPS/Attacker type Espers
  • 2 x Support/Buffer type Espers
  • 1 x Tank type Espers

We will be discussing some of the best team comps to use in the different game modes present in Dislyte. We will provide more than 1 team comp since we believe that not all players will have the same Espers. No need to be extremely rigid about the Espers in the list since players can simply pick an alternative for the missing esper of the same type.

That concludes the basics of team-building in Dislyte. Let’s get right to the different team comps that synergize and mesh well together in Dislyte.

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Team 1 – Gabriel-Sally-Clara-Donar-Ren Si

One of the most prevalent meta team compositions present in Dislyte. Players can choose either Donar or Gabriel as their captain, depending on whether they want extra Defense or extra HP. Gabriel and Clara are present in order to constantly provide immunity and defense buffs to Donar and Ren Si. Donar and Ren Si are going to be the primary DPS as they excel at dealing defense-based damage. We would recommend building them both with Sword of Avatara set to keep counter-attacking for more damage.


Team 2 – Gabriel-Long Mian-Clara-Narmer-Ye Suhua

Another speed-based DPS team composition that includes a bit of everything. Gabriel and Ye Suhua act as great support/healer/buffers where Gabriel provides Immunity and Defense buffs for allies while inflicting an AoE Attack down debuff on all enemies. Ye Suhua provides Attack and Defense buffs along with her healing and Invincibility buff on her 2nd skill. Narmer is a beast of a DPS-type hero but he needs to be able to stack his Ra’s Burning Suns. This grants him additional damage per stack and also ignores a certain percentage of defense. With the number of buffs provided by Gabriel, Clara, and Ye Suhua, Narmer should be able to get the full 8 stacks within the first turn.


Team 3 – Sanders-Chloe-Lin Xiao-Eira-Ye Suhua

One of the fastest team comps for clearing the Kronos dungeon in Ritual Miracle, making it one of the best teams in Dislyte. Players can keep Sanders as the captain for the additional Speed to make the battles even quicker. With Sanders and Eira, the boss and his minions will not stand a chance to even make a move. Eira is the key to victory here and needs to be built with high accuracy and speed in order to move first. Eira’s 2nd skill will always target the captain Esper first. So, Sander’s should be the priority. Lin Xiao and Chloe are there for increased DPS and to clear the initial waves of enemies with the AoE Defense-break provided by Lin Xiao. Ye Suhua further amplifies the damage by providing allies with Attack and Defense buffs.


Team 4 – Gabriel-Lin Xiao-Sally-Jacob-Ye Suhua

One of Dislyte’s best teams to consistently clear the Apep dungeon in Ritual Miracle. The Captain of the team should be Gabriel for the extra HP. The highlight of this team-comp is Jacob due to his Fang buff that he provides to allies. The Fang buff makes allies immune to Poison debuffs, reducing the damage and threat of Apep. It’s recommended to build Jacob with the Ocean Waves relic set in order for him to keep cycling his 2nd skill faster. The rest of the allies are great to provide support to allies with healing, cleanses, and buffs.


Team 5 – Gabriel-Tang Yun-Lu Yi-Berenice-Sally

One of the best team comps in Dislyte for consistently clearing the Fafnir dungeon in Ritual Miracle. The captain of the team can be Gabriel or Lu Yi, depending on if you want more survivability or damage. The Fafnir dungeon is all about multi-hits to break the Shield of the boss and inflict massive damage after doing so. Tang Yun’s ability to pursue with his attacks makes him one of the best Esper for this dungeon. Lu Yi’s 3rd ability can have nine separate hits! Moreover, his basic skill also hits two times. Berenice is great for her triple hits as well as her huge barriers, which increase survivability. Gabriel and Sally are only there to help Lu Yi and Tang Yun survive during the initial waves of enemies.


Team 6 – Tiye-Unas-Lin Xiao-Chloe-Ye Suhua

A great team-comp for PvP content like the Esper Arena and Point War. Tiye should be the captain of the team as she provides a massive 25% speed lead. Unas, the speed king, is great for pushing the Attack bar of low-speed allies like Lin Xiao and Chloe, giving them a chance to move first. Ye Suhua increases the damage and survivability of the team with Attack and Defense buffs. Lin Xiao is just a pure nuker that can also decrease the defense of all enemies for 2 turns. Chloe, with her double AoE-targeted, can finish the rest of the standing enemies.


Team 7 – Long Mian-Raven-Unas-Melanie-Ye Suhua

Long Mian or Melanie should be your captain for the team due to the additional speed they provide. This team-comp is all about controlling your enemies and not letting them move in Point War/Esper Arena game modes. Unas helps all allies to get their turns first. Long Mian is just a CC-king in Dislyte with his AOE-targeted Freeze debuffs on his 3rd ability and AOE-targeted AP down on his 2nd ability. Raven can be replaced with a damage dealer if the opponents don’t have the Gabriel/Clara combo as Raven can strip all the buffs they provide.

These are Dislyte’s best teams that are currently in meta. You should go through our Dislyte tier list and use some of the Dislyte codes that we are updating every once in a while if you’re looking to get the most from this amazing title.

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