Just cruise with Prime Day deals on Schwinn Electric Bikes

Just cruise with Prime Day deals on Schwinn Electric Bikes

Schwinn is one of the oldest, most trusted, and best recognized names in biking. It should come as no surprise, then, that they also make some solid electric bikes. For Prime Day 2022, the company has put a few of its e-bikes on sale, making it a little easier to pick up one and start taking some easy, pedal-assisted rides. Make no mistake, even with the deals, these bikes are still a serious investment. That said, if you look at the options on our best electric bikes list, you’ll see that these cost more than a great e-bike normally would.

Schwinn Amalgam hybrid electric bike – $1,120.57 (34 percent off)

Unsurprisingly, the older Amalgam hybrid offers the deepest discount among Schwinn’s electric bikes. With a 250W hub drive motor, the 7-speed Amalgam offers pedal assistance to get you moving at up to 20 miles per hour. Its 375W battery should last up to 45 miles, depending on conditions. Ironically, it looks more like a modern bike than Schwinn’s newer models, which are designed to evoke the brand’s classic style. That may be a good thing or a bad thing: Either way, this bike saves you more money than other Schwinn ebike on Prime Day 2022.

Schwinn Mendocino hybrid electric beach cruiser (no throttle) – $1,119.99 (34 percent off)

Another last-gen model, the Schwinn Mendocino is a long commuter bike for easy trips across town or long leisure rides. This 6-speed step-through model comes with a 250W hub-drive motor and a 313Wh battery that allows up to 45 miles of pedal assistance, topping out at 20 miles per hour.

If you want more than pedal assistance, there’s a second version of the Mendocino with a throttle on sale, as well. At 1,359.99, it’s only 15 percent off, though.

Schwinn Marshall hybrid electric bike – $1,359.99 (15 percent off)

With a modern look not unlike the Amalgam, the Schwinn Marshall is a throttle-equipped 7-speed ebike made for quick commutes. It features a 250W hub drive motor and 288Wh battery, which allows for up to 35 miles of pedal assisted riding. As with the other models, the motor can boost you up to 20 miles per hour. It also comes with an LED headlight, which is to have for both trips home from the office and evening pleasure rides.

Schwinn Kettle Valley hybrid electric bike – $1,189.99 (30 percent off)

Another discontinued model, the Schwinn Kettle Valley is a 7-speed cruiser with a modern look. It has similar specs to the rest: A 250W hub drive motor and 375Wh battery give it a range of up to 45 miles and a top pedal-assisted speed of 20 miles per hour. Like the Mendocino, it features a spot on the back in case you need to carry some stuff along for the ride. 

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