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Fact Mix 867: E-Saggila

Fact Mix 867: E-Saggila

An atmospheric journey through cutting-edge sounds from one of techno’s most inventive artists.

Rita Mikhael has been exploring the fringes of noise and industrial music for over a decade. In 2014, the Iraqi-born artist launched the Summer Isle label alongside fellow Toronto-based artist Max Klebanoff, inspired by the lack of channels for releasing and promoting power electronics in their home city, a style that Mikhael began to experiment with as a producer.

In 2015, Mikhael adopted the E-Saggila alias for her music and DJing, which draws inspiration from harsh electronic forms, ambient textures and the rhythmic structures of techno and breakcore. Following a few early self-released cassettes through Summer Isle, Mikhael has built an extensive discography on labels including Hospital Productions, Northern Electronics, PAN, Opal Tapes and BANK Records NYC and has become one of techno’s most exciting DJs.

Mikhael’s latest album Blaze, released last month on Northern Electronics, encapsulates her inventive spirit as an artist, exploring sludgy tempos as well as breakneck gabber and places crystalline timbres against scorched textures. Mikhael’s expansive approach is reflected in her Fact Mix, an atmospheric journey through cutting-edge techno and club music that pitches several tracks from Blaze alongside music from a varied host of electronic artists including Otik, Vril, Griffit Vigo, Air Max ’97 and Inigo Kennedy.

Blaze is available now through Northern Electronics. Find E-Saggila on Instagram and SoundCloud.


FFF – Bookworms

Nemerov- AD05 (ABADIR remix)

Van Boom – Agora (E-Saggila remix)

Area Forty_One – Nocturnal Passions I

Otik – Falling Forward

Nørbak – There Are Only Victims Left

Ignez – Arcane

E-Saggila – Alrmr

Spiderwrap – Climax

E-Saggila – Crimson Liquescence

E-Saggila – For The Butterfly

Alstadt Echo – A Muted Radiance III

Griffit Vigo – Gqom 6

E-Saggila – Venture Link

Air Max ‘97 – Psyllium

Inigo Kennedy – Arcadian Falls

E-Saggila – Seecure

Vril – Psionik

Lazarus – Harbinger

E-Saggila – Anima Bulldozer

Async Figure – Waking World

Mako – Raisuma

Slave To Society – The Invisible Enemy

E-Saggila – Spectator 

Gaul Plus – Pink-618

Kilbourne & The DJ Producer – Seismic Cross

VAXXX – Loser

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