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CM Radio - Sept 20, 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern History, The Nursery, The Beaches

Jessica Mitchell , David McPherson, The Nursery, The Beaches

Show notes

We’ve got a pair of the country’s most buzz worthy bands in quirky indie pop outfit The Nursery and new wave fem-rockers The Beaches. Both have brand new albums and both are carving out niches in a competitive and over saturated music market thanks to killer branding and, of course, great music. Plus, Jessica Mitchell speaks ahead of her Massey Hall performance honouring Neil Young at the 2017 Canadian Songwriters’ Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Finally, we also catch up with writer (and frequent Canadian Musician contributor) David McPherson to chat about his new book, The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History. It’s packed with legends and lore about the iconic Toronto music venue and David delves into his adventures authoring the book over the past several years.



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