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Lexus UX 250h review: hybrid theory

By CJ Hubbard Head of the Bauer Automotive Hub, road tester, organiser, extremely variable average wheel count View all Lexus Reviews ► Smallest Lexus SUV► Efficient hybrid power► Comfort over sportiness  Premium-yet-compact SUV crossovers speak to a lot of buyers these days, so has the Lexus UX got what it takes to compete in a crowded marketplace? Smallest of the Japanese …

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BMW 530d SE Touring (2011) long-term test review

View all BMW 5-Series Reviews A year in our BMW 530d Touring – 20 January 2012 Are we road testers too easily entranced by big luxury diesel estates? Over a misspent youth poring over car magazines, I remember reading of hacks falling for the charms of said vehicles in the 1980s. One colleague on another mag actually bid for his …

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Lexus CT 200h (2011-2020) review

By CAR’s road test team ► Hybrid Lexus hatch no longer on sale ► Brilliant build quality (used cars still look good) ► But disappointing in nearly every other way Lexus was years ahead of the curve when it launched the CT 200h in 2011. No other premium carmaker was championing hybrid hatchbacks then, although it’s becoming the norm now. The …

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